Our team

How it all started

Our company was founded in 2014 under the name Tesla Medical by Lukáš Doskočil conjunction with specialists from 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague in order to develop a revolutionary technology capable of changing people’s lives for better.

The result of the cooperation is URIS®, a unique technology that enables non-invasive stimulation of deep brain structures for the treatment of a range of chronic diseases.

Our key technology and its application is protected by over 71 patents throughout the EU, Japan, and the USA. We are also honored to have the CE mark from one of the most prestigious notified bodies, the renowned German institution, TÜV SÜD.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Bertil Blok, MD, PhD

Bertil FM Blok
Associate Professor Urology / Full Professor appointment pending
Sector Head Functional Urology and Neuro-Urology
Erasmus Medical Center

Mr. Blok’s education began in Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Center, where the university MD cum laude in 1988 and PhD cum laude in 1998 at the University Medical Center Groningen.
Mr. Blok’s work went to Resident Urology University Medical Center Amsterdam and McGill, Montreal.
His research focus of is on optimization of treatment in functional urology using basic, translational and clinical research. He is author of more than 100 peer reviewed papers, mainly as first or last author.
See: pubmed-ncbi-nlm-nih-gov

Prof. Jan Krhut, MD

Prof. Jan Krhut served as the head of the Urology Clinic at the University Hospital of Ostrava for 15 years. He maintains a faculty position as a Professor of Medical Science at lecture the University and is also active in the Czech Urological Society. Since the beginning of his professional career, Prof. Krhut has specialized in adult functional urology where he focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of bladder and pelvic floor disorders. His work has been widely internationally recognized.

Stimvia team

Lukas Doskocil

Since the beginning of his career, Lukas Doskocil has been involved in the development, production and commercialization of medical devices.

After graduation from the Collage of International and Public Relations Prague, Lukas has begun working in the start-up environment and founded Stimvia (Tesla Medical) in 2014. His areas of interest include data analysis and research. 

In Stimvia, Lukas has put together a stable team of experienced professionals motivated to change the way patients with various diseases are treated via non-invasive and safe neuromodulation.

Roman V. Dvorak, MD, PhD

Dr. Dvořák je odborníkem v oblasti vývoje globálních klinických a regulačních strategií pro registraci nových léčebných postupů. Za svou více než 20 letou kariéru působil v mnoha mezinárodních farmaceutických (J&J, Pfizer) a biotechnologických společnostech (Tercica, Vivus, Saniona) převážně v USA, kde pracoval na vývoji a schvalování nových léků a zdravotnických prostředků. Má praktické zkušenosti s plánováním a prováděním různých klinických studií po celém světě a účastnil se mnoha interakcí s regulačními agenturami (FDA, EMA). MD získal na Karlově univerzitě v Praze a PhD na Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA.

Lukas Peter, PhD

Lukas Peter specializes in medical device development with a focus on a compliance with regulatory requirements that have significant impact on product development. As a Stimvia CTO, Lukas has managed the URIS® development project since the very beginning and optimized QMS processes in line with regulatory requirements such that the final product meets the highest technical and patient safety standards. Lukas received his PhD in a Technical Cybernetics program, where researched neuromodulatory therapy and also actively participated in projects focused on electrical stimulation. His scientific insight coupled together with his knowledge of regulatory requirements enables him to manage Stimvia’s product development in line with modern requirements and trends.

Jaroslava Glaserova, DESS CAAE

Upon a graduation from the University of Lyon with a focus on management, Jaroslava began a career in finance with a focus on marketing communications, projects management and sales processes. She has held various middle and senior management positions in the financial sector. She has experience in top level multinational companies such as Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel and General Electric, as well as academic experience at the Czech University of Life sciences in Prague. At Stimvia, she focuses on sustainability, communication and market entry strategies.

Michal Stransky, MBA

For more than 20 years, Michal has been active in the fields of information technology, finance, business processes and innovation. He has professional experience both at large companies, where he held management roles, as well as through his engagements in start-ups and small companies, including the multinational startup incubator Creative Dock. At Stimvia he specializes in IT, strategy, finance, and operations management.