We are an ideal choice for 80% of patients with OAB unresponsive to drug therapy.

Our URIS® technology uses neuromodulation to stimulate nerves and thereby treats disease through the promotion of a natural biological response. Current clinical trials demonstrate that URIS® is one of the most effective treatments for OAB, a disease affecting one in six people worldwide. Furthermore, the success we have seen in our clinical trials opens the door for URIS® to be used in the treatment of other diseases that benefit from neuromodulation greatly expanding the potential market for our device.

Without needles or a surgery, but with the same result

URIS® provides comparable efficacy to invasive treatment methods without the associated unpleasantness, unwanted side effects and health risks for patients. Side effects have been observed in only 0.01% of all stimulations performed.

Giving people back their freedom and quality of life

Read more about how our technology has already helped to improve a quality of life to our patients with an overactive bladder disease. Want to know what their life is like now after stimulation, what the URIS® treatment itself has brought to them, or the results of our recent clinical trials?

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