Stimvia – a novel technology that enables safe, effective and non-invasive delivery of neuromodulation treatments

Who we are

Stimvia is a rising medical device company currently conducting clinical trials for a novel technology that enables safe, effective and non-invasive delivery of neuromodulation treatments.

What we do

We utilize neuromodulation to stimulate nerves in order to promote a natural biological response. Early clinical studies have shown URIS® to be one of the most effective methods for the treatment for overactive bladder (OAB).

Our product

URIS® is the first clinically validated neuromodulation system able to stimulate deep brain structures in a non-invasive manner, thus promising an improved patient experience for treatment of various chronic diseases.

The technology includes a mobile application that collects data to optimize and customize stimulation parameters for each individual patient.

Patients’ stories

URIS® technology improves quality of life for patients suffering from chronic diseases, removing the need for surgery or prescription drugs.URIS® helps patients live a normal life. Read authentic stories from our patients and their experiences with URIS® technology.

For investors

URIS® is a breakthrough, clinically validated technology that overcomes removes the invasiveness associated with current neuromodulation technologies. URIS® technology has the potential to provide a superior alternative to current pharmaceutical treatments and improve patients’ quality of life across many diseases in addition to OAB, promising to expand the use of neuromodulation as a therapy in general.

For medical doctors

URIS® provides an ideal treatment for patients with an overactive bladder (OAB) with a history of a failed medical therapy and who do not wish to undergo an invasive treatment. Additionally, URIS® provides a better risk-effectiveness ratio for patients who have previously failed drug therapy than current invasive methods.

Our URIS® technology offers a noninvasive treatment with a low risk of side effects and comparable results to invasive procedures thus eliminating a need for needles or surgeries. In addition, URIS® is clinically tested and proven as one of the most effective methods of OAB treatment. Improve patients’ quality of life with us.


Stimvia is committed to sustainability and we do everything we can to help the environment.

  • We build on principles of a circular economy, where our neuromodulation devices are shared amongst patients.
  • 90% of our materials are recyclable.
  • Our URIS® device is manufactured from 30% recycled materials.
  • We strictly use only environmentally responsible suppliers.

Our mission for an affordable and a sustainable treatment of an overactive bladder does not end there. Please read more about how environmentally friendly our technology is.

Job offers

Would you like to work for a company that develops a product targeted at improving a quality of life for patients around the world?

Please contact us and join our dedicated team of professionals. We are seeking both experienced engineers and passionate people who are just starting their career. Whoever is ready to make our world better.


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